The Cadian Watch

In the Shadow of Mt. Aronei
The Adventure Begins

Our story begins along the Eastern Coast of the country of Numeria, in the small fishing village of Ashfalls. Three members of of the Cadian Watch, a secretive group within the Numerian Bureau of Magic, have been sent to the backwater village to investigate rumors of villagers disappearing in the night. The party consists of E’lem, a boastful and aloof elven Magus; Cece, a beautiful and quiet half-elf Ranger; and Krog, a human Barbarian who is brutal and direct.

The trio’s first stop in town was the Chum Bucket, a ramshackle tavern run by the dwarf Thildra. Thildra confirmed the disappearances in town, and expounded on livestock being attacked as well. E’lem, trying to remain secretive, bluffed the barkeep into believing they were the forward guard of the Order of Iomedae, a group of healers who travel the land perform good deeds. Thildra gave them directions to the farm that was being attacked, and the group set off that night.

After half an hour of travel, the group came to the farm and offered the farmer assistance in determining what was attacking his livestock.


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